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Press Release

The Support Foundation Shop at the Grand Palace


History of the SUPPORT Foundation

The SUPPORT Foundation (The Foundation for the Promotion of Supplementary Occupations and Related Techniques) was founded in 1976 (B.E. 2519) borne of the desire of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit to help Thai people—most of whom are farmers—to have the means to support their families with supplementary income. The intentions of the Foundation are to revive, preserve, and cultivate folk arts and crafts, which have always been part of the Thai traditional way of life, so that future generations can help safeguard the national heritage. This is in line with His Majesty the King’s royal initiative of Sufficiency Economy, where all Thai citizens lead a life that is both self-reliant and sustainable.

Through various activities—such as teaching and training proper arts and crafts techniques, sourcing raw materials and needed equipment, and buying finished products from farmers as well as finding markets locally and internationally—the SUPPORT has succeeded in achieving worldwide recognition of Thailand’s unique legacy of folk art and handicraft.

The SUPPORT Foundation Shop at the Grand Palace

The SUPPORT Foundation shop at the Grand Palace is intended to be a distribution channel of the SUPPORT products. The Shop is located at Rasadakornpipat building in the Grand Palace (Visetchaisri entrance) the finest attraction of Bangkok which accessible to both tourists and Thai people. The Shop offers a wide range of traditional style and newly designed handicraft products, such as home decorative items, cotton and silk attire, fashion accessories, basketware, and artificial flowers. In addition, the Shop provides customized products to best serve customer’s requirement for all occasions.

The SUPPORT Foundation shop is open from 8.30 – 16.30 everyday (except the day the Grand Palace is closed for Royal Events)

Contributions to the Foundation

By purchasing SUPPORT products, the customers do not only contribute to the sustainable livelihood of SUPPORT members around the country, but also play an important role in the preservation of Thailand’s national heritage which is Her Majesty the Queen’s gracious mission.

The SUPPORT Foundation of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit
The Grand Palace,
Bangkok, Thailand 10200
Tel. 66(0) 2225-9421 to 3
Fax 66(0) 2225-9424
E-mail :



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