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Chambers of commerce have been promoting business development and economic relations between Thailand and partner countries for over 50 years. The chambers bring together individual entrepreneurs and large corporations from both countries, allowing them to make contacts and interact directly with government agencies, trade associations and international organizations. Currently, there are twenty country chambers of commerce in Thailand, all with their offices in Bangkok. Usually a chamber of commerce is formed when there is a substantial amount of trade occurring between the two countries, and if the country is not in close geographical proximity to Thailand.

The chambers have extensive information and advice available to members from both Thailand and the partner country, which are engaged in commerce, agriculture, investment and tourism. Often the chambers are active in primary research projects on economics and trade related matters, which are used to advise companies from their country about potential opportunities available for them in Thailand. Further to this, the chambers are usually active in promoting and publicizing both products of the two counties, along with coordinating cultural exchanges and events.

Many of the chambers are quite active in hosting social events, industry speakers, seminars, and in publishing informative newsletters for members. Information on members is usually only available to other members or through the purchase of a handbook or directory that provides more comprehensive information on Thailand.

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