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Laem Chabang Port (LCP) is Thailand's premier deep-sea commercial port, under the management of The Port Authority of Thailand (PAT), located on the Eastern shore of the upper Gulf of Thailand, approximately 110 km south of Bangkok. LCB is one of the most modern and advanced ports in Southeast Asia and has positioned itself as the most efficient gateway to Thailand and the greater Indochina region.

LCP began operations in 1991 with the goal of upgrading the basic infrastructure necessary for the economic development of Thailand and was designed as an integral part of the Eastern Seaboard project. The congested conditions at Bangkok Port, plus the portŐs inability to serve large ocean-going container ships, made LCP a natural development in Thailand's economic expansion. LCP has grown is capacity and utilization over its decade of operation and has emerged as a key port on the international shipping network.

LCP covers an area of over 1000 hectares and provides a comprehensive range of services, including cargo handling, warehousing, cargo distribution under railway and highway networks system leading to all parts of Thailand. Port services include pilotage and towage, supply of fresh water, power supply, telecommunications, sewage treatment, garbage collection and disposal. In addition to above services, ship repair and maintenance services provided by floating dock yard with capacity approximately 140,000 DWT under the management of private sector, are also available at the northern part of LCP. The port also provides round-the-clock security, environmental control and fire fighting system.

Laem Chabang presently operates 11 terminals to accommodate various types of vessels including container ships, bulk carriers, pure car carriers and passenger liners. Among the terminals, five are container terminals (B1 to B5), three are coastal terminals (A1) including a bulk terminal (A4) and two general cargo terminals (A1 and A5). The remaining terminals have yet to be completed, and are in various stages of design and construction (A0, A2 and A3) adding to the future capacity of LCB. More than 80% of sea borne cargo handled by LCP is containerized.

 LCB stands as the hub of key infrastructure upgrades designed to capitalize on Thailand's economic strengths and position as Southeast Asia's gateway to Indochina. Already linked efficiently by land, rail and sea within Thailand, upgraded facilities at the Utapao airport will facilitate cargo links to LCB by air.
  Economic liberalization, free trade and growth within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will likely result in further growth for Thailand's neighbors within Indochina,countries
that lack strong marine transportation infrastructure, and see further growth in the volume of import and export cargo passing through Laem Chabang Port.

Laem Chabang Port has its own industrial estate Export Processing Zone (EPZ) giving the site a production and processing center using many of the commodities imported through the port. The EPZ covers 480 hectares and already includes 56 industrial operations. Alongside the industrial estate, a shipyard is being developed to service and build ships according to international standards.

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