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The Thai Garment Manufacturers Association (TGMA) holds annual meeting to review activities and set strategies
April 25, 2001

BANGKOK, April 25, 2001 - The Thai Garment Manufacturers Association (TGMA) held its annual meeting on April 25, 2001, to review the previous year's activities and to draw up directions for the coming year. On this occasion, the association also organized a special seminar on the trends and strategies of the Thai garment industry.

TGMA meeting.The meeting was attended by who have joined the TGMA to set up a Thai garment e-market as part of the website. The vertical web portal will offer members of the TGMA and the global market more complete information and up-to-date news on Thailand's garment manufacturing industry.

During the annual meeting, the TGMA summarized the association's activities during the year 2000 to its members. The report reinforced the association's ongoing commitment to its principal missions in spite of harsh competition in the global market and the feeble domestic economy. These missions are to support and enhance the businesses and trading of members, and also to work as a representative to cooperate with concerned agencies and solve obstacles for the benefit of members and the industry as a whole.

Last year the association emphasized the strengthening of member capacity and potential. Specific projects included Improving and Enhancing the Production Process for Reducing Operating Costs and Increasing Productivity, Managing Development, and Industrial Development Training. The association also sought new aggressive strategies to penetrate new markets. booth.

As part of the meeting, the association held a lecture on the topic "Free Trade Trends: Adaptations of the Thai Garment Industry to the World Market", delivered by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Kirkkri Jirapat. Another seminar held during the same day covered the topic "Tactics and Vision of the Thai Garment Industry".

At the meeting the association also arranged a minor exhibition covering development of the garment industry, and IT and finance facilities, to boost awareness of these issues among association members. set up a booth at the event to promote its activities and services to the TGMA members. As well as providing up-dated information and statistics on the Thai and world garment industries, the website will act as a central trading ground for foreign importers and Thai exporters, and provide space for Thai garment manufacturers to promote their products to the global market. The cooperative venture between the TGMA and will create the biggest on-line market place for Thai garment exporters and importers from all over the world, serving to propel the Thai garment industry towards greater worldwide recognition.

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