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Closing Time?

By law, all bars and clubs are supposed to close at 1 or 2 am (2 am for places offering dance floors and live music).

The reality is quite different, however, as any visitor to the city will quickly find out. Most of the bars in areas like Patpong actually do close at 2 am, but then the action moves to late-night discos in the area and renowned bars like 'the Thermae' where the partying continues through to the daylight hours and on through the next day for those still on their feet.

Bangkok has a reputation for wild and rowdy nightlife. In fact, 'sanook' or 'fun' would be a better description. The city's nightlife is relaxed, safe and very enjoyable. You don't need to dress up, and you won't break the bank. The city's nightlife goes way beyond the over-worn naughty image from the Vietnam days. And it really does go on around the clock.

For tourists, the main centers for evening entertainment are concentrated around Silom Road (Patpong, Thaniya, Silom Soi 2 and 4), Sukhumvit (Soi Nana, Soi Cowboy, Soi 33) and most recently Khao San Road. First-class hotels are often good centers for nightclubs and discotheques, which are generally quite cheap and of very good standard. Pubs and bars can be found all over the city, many specializing in live music and usually offering food as well.

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