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'Ab Ob Nuad' 

Literally translated as 'bathe, bake, massage', Bangkok's 'ab ob nuad' massage parlors offer sexual services as well as various courses of massage. Generally, the masseuses wait in a brightly lit room, like a 'glass tank', for men to call out their numbers.

The masseuses are graded according to skill and/or looks. The so-called 'dara' or 'superstars', which are supposed to look like fashion models or actresses, being the most expensive. Depending on the place and the masseuse, prices are around 1,200 baht on up for one hour of massage, with or without additional services.

Bangkok is internationally famous for its massage parlors, be they traditional Thai massage salons (nuad pen boran) or entertainment complexes for slightly more carnal pleasures (ab ob nuad).

Traditional Thai massage can be found all over town, in hotels, at Wat Pho, the center for Thai massage instruction, and particularly in the Surawong Road part of town. Thai massage is recognized for its health benefits and relaxing effects, both on the body and on the mind. Thai massage, foot massage and oil massage are the most popular courses. A one-hour Thai massage can cost as little as 150 baht.

Thai massage at Wat Pho.Even more plentiful are 'ab ob nuad' places, which usually combine massage, sauna, Turkish bath and other entertainments in one large complex. These massage parlors are male-only places and inevitably offer sexual services in addition to massage and bathing. 'Ab ob nuad' can be found all over town but the most popular areas are along New Petchaburi Road (generally older establishments), Pinklao, Rama IX Road, and Ratchadaphisek Road (Huay Kwang). The most in-fashion spots include places like Emmanuel, Poseidon and Caesar's Palace on Ratchadaphisek Road, which offer karaoke, bars, restaurants, snooker and other entertainments in addition to the conventional services. Coach-loads of predominantly Asian tourists as well as well-heeled locals patronize the glittering neon-strip of Huay Kwang.

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